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Project Description

Garment Production

Metraco is a reputed company in garment production with over one million pieces per year for export to EU countries. Metraco’s sourcing capacity combined with its know-how of the industry for over 25 years has led to its success.

Metraco develops garments hand-in-hand with its customers to achieve the best result both in quality and price. We strongly believe in the need of innovation and support the collections of our clients with new developments and techniques.

We prefer to create long-term alliances with our clients as we believe a strong and consistent supplier is the most important back-bone for an established brand. Most of our clients have been working with us for more than 15 years.

In our facility in Kocaeli -“Our village” Production Center for the Disabled- we have been conducting a special project in which we employ workers with disabilities in our production facility. We arrange work distribution according to the specific disabilities of our employees and provide them the opportunity to contribute to the general workforce. With this unique project, we have won the award for “Best Job Creation & Business Development Project” by the International Chamber of Commerce in May 2015.

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