We help our clients to design their inspirations by providing a variety of resources. We provide a great range of fabric, artwork and application sourcing that helps the designers achieve what they imagine.

We closely follow the upcoming trends for the new seasons and give our clients a feedback of what they might consider to add to their designs or collections. Approximately 1-2 months before each collection period, we send our clients new fabric and style sourcing for the upcoming season specifically chosen and prepared for their line of products.

During the development stage, we make samples for our clients to get an idea about the general outlook they wish to achieve with their designs. Sampling stage may take up to 2 months depending on the requested fabric quality, treatment and applications.

After receiving the approval of our client for the sample, we proceed to sales-man sampling and prepare the collection for sales period.

Samples are prepared in our facility in Istanbul.

Our minimum quantity is +/- 300 pieces. Our production timeline is approximately 6 to 8 weeks from the date of purchase order.

If requested, we can provide our clients with local accessories and trims. We prepare PPS/Size set samples depending on our clients’ preference.

Our bulk production is conducted in our main factory in Kocaeli.

The Right Planning for the Right Product

Resources for the Best Outcome

We advice our clients about any risks and pricing concerns that might occur before we proceed to production. In this way, we prevent any surprise outcomes that will cause delays in the production stage.

Alternative Solutions for Limited Time-frames

Thanks to our years of experience, we advice our clients alternative solutions to achieve a similar outcome if they request a shorter time-frame than 6 weeks.

Quality Control

We have our internal QC teams both for collections and production. We welcome the inspectors of our own clients. If requested by our clients, we may work with outsource QC teams as well.

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