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Our in-house design team keeps pace with global fashion trends, attending top industry events to infuse the latest styles into our collections. We offer a diverse range of fabric and style options that help our clients stay innovative and competitive. About 1-2 months before each collection release, we provide clients with tailored fabric and style recommendations aligned with their brand image, ensuring market relevance and commercial success.

Bulk Production

We prioritize quality throughout our production process, from yarn to packaging. With over two decades of experience in the fashion industry, our team is dedicated to delivering top-quality products on time. Our in-house facility in Kocaeli handles bulk production, typically taking 6-8 weeks for orders of around 300 pieces. We also offer trim and accessory development upon request.

Quality Control & Packing

Our in-house inspectors ensure garment quality at every stage. They check incoming dyed fabric for defects and perform shrinkage tests. Cutting panels are inspected, and pre-sewing assessments are made. Finally, our qualified team conducts a comprehensive final inspection, including metal detection, measurements, and packaging. Quality is our priority at every step.

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